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The Cake Business Queen,Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire

Calling all cake business owners!...

I am here to guide you in your professional cake business to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

By combining my own cake business knowledge with 20 years of qualified marketing experience I can support you in your journey with expert and focused advice in digital marketing, social media and business success.

The Cake Business Queen Lincoln Digital marketing


I learnt very quickly going from a hobby baker to a professional cake designer that there are a lot of aspects to running a profitable cake business that can set you back or even stop you in your tracks!

I wish I’d known more and had someone to point out the pitfalls along the way, so that’s what I want to do for you!


I provide guiding help and support for your cake business across many areas...

The Cake Queen Rose wedding cake, Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire

From pondering over pricing...

to feeling confident with your costs,

Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire

Setting up clear boundaries and perfect processes

...right from the start,

The Cake Queen Floral cake, Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire

And mastering your marketing...

to max out your magic!

...I’ll guide you through how to make the most of your business and make sure you have the structure and support to ensure success!

Are you struggling to think of something to say on your social media page?

Download my FREE guide to help you now!


I know first-hand what a juggle running your own cake business can be, especially if it fits around another job or a family,


and I know of many who have burnt out spinning all of the beautifully decorated plates,


but I will show you how you can manage it all with the right support.

The Cake Business Queen Lincoln, heart in flour, Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire
The Cake Business Queen with a food Mixer, Wedding cakes in Lincolnshire
The Cake Queen Lincoln round logo

If you are...

  • Stuck on socials,

  • Muddled with marketing,

  • In a flap over figures,

  • Regularly running out of time,

I’m here to tell you that there is an easier way to win it back!


Running your own cake business can be an amazing experience, creating and making beautiful pieces of art, having the flexibility and freedom that comes with being your own boss and the potential to earn a fantastic income!


But doing it on your own, with no one to bounce ideas off or guide you along the way, can be difficult.

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