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Instagram Boost Bootcamp

Free training: Boost your cake business on Instagram

Instagram Boost Bootcamp

▫️ Want to know how to get more followers on Instagram?

▫️ Need some quick tips to increase likes and comments on your posts?

▫️ Do you find Reels overwhelming and you need to learn some easy ways to create them?

My FREE Instagram Boost Bootcamp will teach you this AND give you my 4 steps to more enquiries for your cake business!

You can now access this free training across these four training videos:

Lesson 1
How to optimise and write the perfect Instagram bio

Lesson 2
How to show yourself on social, even when you really don't want to

Lesson 3
The Reel deal, a look at quick and easy reels and why they're still important.

Lesson 4
4 steps to get more enquiries

I hope you enjoy this series of videos. If you'd like to learn more about how to triple your enquiries and orders by using social media for your cake business, you can join my "Recipe for Social Media Success" course here.

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