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10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Booking your wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, admittedly I am slightly biased though I know, but how do you find out if a wedding cake maker is the right one for you?

To help guide you, I have compiled a list of ten essential questions to ask your wedding cake maker. From understanding their creative process to ensuring every layer is as delightful as your love story, these questions will help you navigate the world of wedding cakes with confidence.

  1. Do you have a portfolio of wedding cakes you have made that we can see?

  2. Do you offer both buttercream and sugarpaste styles of cakes, or just one of these?

  3. What size of cake would you recommend to serve our guest numbers?

  4. Can we choose a different flavour for each tier of our wedding cake?

  5. Can you cater for any allergies?

  6. Do you offer a design consultation to help decide on the design of our cake?

  7. Will we see a design sketch to help us see what our cake will look like?

  8. Is wedding cake tasting included in our booking?

  9. Which venues do you deliver to?

  10. How many cakes do you deliver on the same day?

As you embark on your search to find the perfect wedding cake, armed with these ten questions, remember that your choice extends beyond taste and aesthetics—it's about collaboration, communication, and creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique love story. Your wedding cake maker is not just a baker; they're an artist who will help sweeten the memories of your special day.

By asking these thoughtful questions, you're not only ensuring a delightful treat for your guests but also forging a connection with the creator behind the confection. So, go ahead, schedule those tastings, dive into discussions, and let the magic unfold. Your wedding cake is not just a dessert; it's a symbol of your love, and with the right questions, it's sure to be a sweet reflection of your story.

If you're planning your wedding within Lincolnshire, Newark or the surrounding areas and looking for your cake designer, contact me to check availability for your date. I can't wait to hear from you and all about your wedding.

Zoe Critchley

The Cake Queen


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