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The Cake Queen's Top 5 Wedding Cake Flavours of 2023

As we enter winter wedding season and also a busy time with design consultations for my 2024 couples, it's only fitting to unveil the most popular wedding cake flavours of the year.

I’ve had the privilege of creating dream wedding cakes for so many couples this year, and hearing how much they have enjoyed their cakes makes me so happy. I always advise my couples that they can portion and freeze any leftover cake, but I often hear how it doesn’t make it to the freezer as either their guests have gone back for seconds, or even thirds, or that they just couldn’t leave it alone in the days after!

A couple cutting their wedding cake at Van Dyks by Wildes wedding venue

Whether you're planning your big day and wondering what flavours you could choose, read on for the most popular this year:

1. Cherry Bakewell

There's something irresistibly romantic about the sweet, tangy, and slightly nutty flavours of a Cherry Bakewell wedding cake. With layers of almond sponge, cherry jam, and silky cherry bakewell buttercream, this classic British dessert transforms into an elegant centerpiece that's perfect for any wedding. The gentle aroma of almonds and the burst of cherries make this a perennial favourite among couples.

2. Lemon

Lemon wedding cakes have become a timeless favourite for their refreshing and zesty taste. The bright and citrusy layers of lemon sponge, lemon curd, and lemon buttercream create a burst of sunshine! Another favourite all year round, although especially popular for spring and summer weddings.

A starry night theme wedding cake at The Doubletree by Hilton hotel wedding venue in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

3. Vanilla, Raspberry, and White Chocolate

A total crowd pleaser and usually selected as the largest tier (although it doesn’t have to be). My classic vanilla sponge is paired with raspberry jam and luxurious white chocolate and raspberry buttercream. It's a flavour combination that strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and fruitiness, making it an elegant choice for any wedding.

4. Salted Caramel

Indulge your taste buds with the delightful contrast of sweet and salty in our salted caramel wedding cake. This flavour has been a sensation in recent years, and its popularity continues to soar. Layers of caramel sponge, caramel filling, and a salted caramel buttercream create a fun and indulgent treat for you and your guests.

5. Chocolate Orange

For chocolate lovers with a twist, our chocolate orange wedding cake is a must-try. Decadent layers of indulgent chocolate sponge with sumptuous chocolate-orange buttercream filling. The result is a harmonious blend of deep chocolate richness and refreshing citrus notes—an unforgettable treat for your special day.

Lincolnshire wedding cakes taster box from The Cake Queen Lincoln
Wedding Cake Taster Box

At The Cake Queen, my mission is to make your wedding day even more memorable with delicious and beautifully crafted wedding cakes. These top 5 wedding cake flavours of 2023 reflect the tastes and preferences of the couples we've had the pleasure of serving. Whether you opt for one of the flavours here or choose something different for your own personal tastes, I’m here to bring your cake dreams to life.

If you're ready to discuss your wedding cake ideas or sample these mouthwatering flavours please contact me here. We're excited to be part of your love story and create a stunning centerpiece that reflects your unique taste and style.



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