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18 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

18 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Ok, so the title says wedding cakes, but some of these questions relate to any cake that you are considering ordering.

Where to Start

These questions may seem really obvious, but when you’ve got a lot to plan sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the simple stuff…

  1. Are you available for my date? I told you some of these would seem obvious. there’s nothing worse than having your heart set on a particular supplier and then finding out they’re not available for your date. My advice is to book your wedding cake at the latest 6-8 months before your wedding, but for peak wedding seasons you should be looking at 12 months in advance! My diary is open at least 12 months ahead and I welcome all enquiries, no matter how far in advance.

  2. Are you a registered food business with a food hygiene safety rating? Another important question, but less obvious. Any professional cake maker will be registered as a food business with their council and have a food safety certificate and hygiene rating, and will have no problem in sharing this with you if requested. Mine 5-star rating and other certificates are proudly shown on my social media pages too. This will reassure you and ensure that you are hiring a genuine, professional wedding cake supplier.

  3. Did you make all of the cakes shown in your portfolio? I only display pictures of my own cakes with you so that you can see the quality of my own work and my style; but it can be known sometimes for other cake makers to show examples of cakes they could offer to give you an idea; asking this question will confirm that you are seeing their own work.

About Your Cake

  1. How big should our cake be? One of the first questions I will ask you as your potential cake maker, is “how many people would you like your cake to serve?” I can then advise on the size required to suit this number. I will also work with you to consider your design shapes and the different portions these will allow too. Your budget could also be a consideration for the size of cake too, so be honest with your cake maker and you’ll be able to work together to find the right options.

  2. What flavours do you offer? You don’t just want your cake to be remembered for the way it looks, you want it to taste great too and maybe offer something a little different in terms of flavour. Most cake makers will offer more than just the usual vanilla, lemon and chocolate so don’t be afraid to ask – I offer an extensive range of flavours and am happy to give a full list to all of my customers to choose from. See my blog post about choosing your wedding cake flavours.

  3. Can i have a different flavour in each tier? This is something I actively encourage so that you and your guests can try different flavours – although it can make choosing difficult if you’re only allowed one piece! Whilst most wedding cake makers will offer this option, not all will surprisingly, so do ask.

  4. Do you offer cake tasting? Most cake makers will offer samples to brides and grooms ahead of the big day, although is usually more commonplace after booking. If a taster is offered before booking with the supplier you will often have a fee to pay which is sometimes deductable from the final balance if you go ahead with your booking.

  5. Do you use buttercream or sugarpaste (fondant) icing? Some cake makers specialise in either buttercream finished or sugarpaste covered cakes. A lot, like myself, offer both. There are lots of different textures and designs available using both, but if you have your heart set on one in particular, check with your supplier that they offer that option just to make sure.

  6. Do you offer gluten free, or any other special dietary requirements If you want to cater for any specific dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten free, you must ask your cake maker if they offer this option.

Other Questions

  1. Do you offer edible wedding favours? Biscuits, macarons, cakecicles, cake hearts and cake pops all make great wedding favours and are treats that I can offer with my service.

  2. Do you offer tray cakes for the kitchen to cut and serve? If you’re on a tighter budget and can’t afford say a 4-5 tier masterpiece, one option would be to have a smaller cake for display and ask your cake maker if they can offer you cutting cakes for the kitchen to serve in addition. These cutting cakes are usually sheet cakes which are still in your flavours, but without all of the extra decoration and so can be a cost saver. If you discuss your budget honestly with your wedding cake maker, they can advise what options would be available.

Pricing and Payment

  1. How much deposit do you require? Most wedding cake makers will ask for you to pay a deposit to confirm your order and then pay the balance closer to your wedding date. The deposit amount varies from maker to maker, so do ask. I unfortunately cannot hold any of my dates without a deposit paid, but once this is received I confirm back to you and ensure that my time is blocked out for you so that I can give your wedding cake my full attention and care deserved.

  2. When do you require full payment? Again, this date can vary from maker to maker so it is important to find out. Some suppliers will ask for payment within 30 days of your wedding, others a little closer.

  3. Can I pay in installments? Couples will often ask me if they can pay in stages during the build up to their wedding – it eases some of the financial pressure and doesn’t leave them with a big bill to pay off to all suppliers as their wedding day nears. I am happy to accept payments in installments.

  4. What is your cancellation policy? No one envisages having to cancel their wedding day (well at least not until Covid-19 anyway, sad times), but it is important to understand your rights should this happen – when is the cancellation cut-off and are there any financial consequences?

Starry night wedding cake

Navy and gold, starry night theme wedding cake.

On the Day

  1. Will you deliver our cake? And is there a charge? Arranging the logistics for your cake will also be discussed. Your cake maker will need to know where your venue is, what time your ceremony is, and if there’s anything special they need to know about the venue (is it a marquee, for example). Most wedding cake makers will deliver your cake and set it up at your venue, but don’t assume this is always the case as some do not. There most likely will be a delivery and set up charge included in your price. I deliver throughout Lincolnshire and Newark and will discuss your venue location with you on enquiry so that I am able to include delivery and set up in your quote.

  2. Do you supply a cake stand and knife? This is also a question for your venue as most venues can supply a cake stand and cake knife, although it may not be the style that you would like. Some wedding cake makers also have their own stands available for hire too. Should you wish to source your own, please do discuss with your cake maker too as there may be things to consider such as the weight, or size of cake it can support.

  3. Will you leave a cake box for us to take any leftover cake home with us? For my own wedding day, we had decided to save the top tier of our three-tier cake for our at home family lunch the following day. We weren’t leaving for our honeymoon until later that evening so had a little gathering with my Auntie, Uncle and cousins who had travelled to be with us, so it was the perfect interlude if you like. Our cake maker knew that this was our plan from the start and so we were able to instruct the kitchen not to touch it, and instead box it and give it to us the following morning. If you would like a box leaving for something like this, it’s worth asking. Your cake maker may suggest, as I would, giving you one in advance so that the venue do not misplace it on the day, otherwise the kitchen will most-likely cling wrap it for you.

Contact The Cake Queen, Lincoln

If you are looking for a wedding cake designer in the Lincolnshire and Newark area, I would love to hear from you. Send me a message using the form below and I’d be happy to discuss your dream wedding cake with you.

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