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How to use colour in your wedding cake

Using colour in your wedding cake

Considering all the details of your wedding can be really exciting, especially when you start to see it all coming together. In addition to your venue, guest list, outfits and flowers you’ll need to make some decisions about your wedding cake – but don’t worry as a cake designer I’m here to guide you on this and incorporate your theme, colour scheme, any other elements and design a showstopper to suit you and your special day.

In this blog we look at ways to incorporate colours into your wedding cake…

Matching your cake to your wedding colour scheme

Sometimes your style and theme starts with colour choice – I know our wedding did. For example you may know that you want your main colour choices to be navy blue. Your suits and bridesmaids dresses will probably be in this colour, your stationary, flowers and other decor may incorporate it too. This can be carried through to your cake in many ways.

Colour can be included in a subtle way, for example a hint of colour in a marble effect or stencilled details, keeping the style fairly classic.

The flowers on your cake, especially if sugar flowers can be made to showcase your colour scheme, incorporating colour accents.

Or to make a really bold statement, you could include full colour in either a single tier or go all out with a beautifully bright, all-colour cake.

Red, white and blue were the main colours for this wedding at The Hilton, Lincoln

Matching your cake to your style

You may not have a specific theme for your wedding but you may have a style – for example a traditional/sophisticated style, or perhaps a more relaxed boho style, or maybe your more bold and adventurous and want to incorporate some fun, vibrant elements – whatever your style, this can be reflected in your cake too.

Traditional and sophisticated styling may have a more limited colour palette, using white or ivory as the main colour and incorporating more textures such as ruching or quilted effects.

Rustic-elegance has been a popular style recently, blending elements from both traditional and boho styling with dried flowers for example, incorporating more subtle, natural colours, whilst still making a statement centrepiece.

Bold and adventurous styles can easily carry off full colour in the cake covering itself and in the flowers or other decorations upon it.

Textured white cake with orange sunflowers and burgundy roses

Matching your cake to your theme

If you have a specific theme for your wedding then this will guide your cake design. For example if you a seasonal autumn themed wedding could incorporating autumn colours and leaves, a Christmas theme with traditional colours and perhaps even some edible snow, or even something totally personal like the jewel-toned gothic themed cake shown here.

Gothic style wedding at The Lincoln Hotel

Here’s some more examples of colourful wedding cakes I have made:

What colours would you like to incorporate into your wedding? Let me know, I’d love to hear about them! Join me over on Facebook or Instagram and comment on my blog post to tell me.

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