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5 ways to add extra wow to your wedding tables

Guest blog: Rea Shaw, Confetti Sweethearts

No one wants the same as everyone else, especially on your wedding day. You want it all to look extra special, like the each item has been carefully chosen to compliment your own wedding style.

If you want the wow factor and to be different you need to up the anti with your table decor. And I have 5 amazing ways you can do this.

It’s important to consider the guest experience when they sit down. You want the tables to be a feast for the eyes so that they just want to touch everything. Add these 5 key ingredients to your tables and you are well on your way to creating drop dead gorgeous wedding tables.

Metallic Cutlery

There are so many choices out there for your cutlery, metallics are hot right now and are a must if you want to impress those guests of yours. Give them something different to dine with. They can be found in all sorts of colours such as gold, rose gold and copper.

Charger Plates

It’s important to consider how you want your place settings to look on the guests arrival. If you are having a sit down meal, and you don’t want the space in front of them to look empty, then this is where a charger plate comes in handy. These come in varies styles and colours, depending on the look you are going for. For rustic natural styles, wicker place mats are a fabulous alternative for a less formal option.

Coloured Glassware

One of the things that can soon take over a table is your glassware. By the time you add a wine glass, flute glass for the toast and a water glass, it can look busy! My thoughts are to make your glassware part of the table aesthetic. Buy adding coloured glassware to just one of your elements, maybe the water glass, it will give it the lift it needs.

Coloured Napkins

You can get napkins in all sorts of colours, textures and designs these days. If you are not very confident with adding colour to your decor, then just by incorporating coloured napkins, this will help you add a splash of colour on the tables to make them really pop. There are lots of different textures to choose from too, so make such to consider the type of style will look and feel right for the vibe you want to achieve.


Adding stationery elements such as menus and place cards really do make all the difference to your place settings. Especially if they are foiled and personalised for each individual guest. Your guests need to find their seat easily, and feel welcome when they park their bum down. Some of my favourite ways to do this are to add place cards and menus. Spending some time figuring out how you want to style your stationery is key to dialling up the wow factor.

For more great styling and stationary tips visit Confetti Sweethearts

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